Important Terms in AdSense

Hello friend, in this article MySEOBlog will discuss important terms in AdSense. Surely you already know Adsense right? Now, in Adsense there are very many terms that are very strange to our ears. However, the term is very important to learn.

When we interact with Google Adsense, we will know some terms that we often encounter, including:

• Publisher: are people who have a blog / web approved by Google to show ads.

Ads Unit: are Google ads that can be installed on a blog or web publisher. There are many sizes and shapes of units that can be selected by the publisher in accordance with the wishes and conditions of the blog.

Units Links: are Google Adsense ads in the form of links. Usually if someone clicks on a link unit, it will open in a particular ad.

• Adsense for Content: Adsense ads that are installed on a page. Adsense for Content ads that appear according to or relevant to the contents of a page's posts. There are units and link units included in a blog or web page.

Alternate Ads: limited nature. Not always appear because of the reason that the ad stock has run out or Google cannot estimate the contents of a page or blog.

Channel: is the label that we make for the ads we choose to install on the blog / web. This channel is free to determine which aims to monitor which ads come from.

Page Impressions: is the number that shows how many times a page contains Google ads opened by a visitor.

Clicks: is the number of clicks on an ad on a blog / web. This is what brings in a publisher's income.

CTR (Click Through Rate): is the percentage between the number of clicks on an advertisement and the number of views that are open (page impressions) by a visitor.

CPC (Cost Per Click): is the amount of money that will be obtained by the publisher on certain units. CPC values ​​vary depending on the performance and quality of the blog / web publisher.

ECPM (Effectife CPM): is the result of the division between the amount of publisher revenue and the number of page impressions per 1,000 obtained from Google ads.

Maybe that's all about the terms in Google Adsense that are very important. All of these terms you must know in order to become a good Adsense publisher. Thank you and hope it is useful. Hasta la Vista!

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