Advantages and Disadvantages Of The AGC Blog

Hello, at this time the MySEOBlog article will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the blog agc. The blog AGC rated a blog that only benefits the owner of the blog only, while the visitors will not get the information what is what. The target of the AGC is visitors. Well, this AGC also has some advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantage Of The Blog AGC:

1. High Traffic.
This occurs because the traffic explosion any yg searched the internet users are redirected to the blog AGC. The edges are blog income will increase as well.

2. Do not bother to create content. 
When the auto feature is enabled, then post the blog owner does not need to create your own, new articles will terposting automatically without having to type it in addition can also set how many posts each minute, hour, or day.

The Disadvantages Of The Blog AGC (Auto Generated Content):

Blog with script AGC is a kind of black hat and had a very high risk. The following are some of the disadvantages of the use of the script is the AGC:

1. PPC advertising services banned Prone.
Due to the increased traffic, the likelihood of a click not wajir increased. So, in the end will end up on the exposed banned the play especially for Google AdSense.

2. The risk exposed to de-index.
The risk of this form of sanction from the engine pencani in the form of loss of index blog in the search engines. So long long blog we're missing from circulation or search.

3. The traffic declined. 
The effects of de-berbuntut index on the AGC blog traffic decreased. Seen from the advantages and drawbacks, it was all tergantiung blog you like to play in the long run. Never menggunak script blog AGC.

In addition to the extremely adverse, the blog AGC becomes easy target Google be de-index, was kicked out of the circulation of the search engines, even exposed to banned because infalid actifity. The many ways of bringing in traffic, manual writing or original and quality content that the No. 1 key, so use only halal way by means of a white hat.

Maybe it's just about the advantages and disadvantages of the blog agc. May be useful and thank you. Hasta la Vista!

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